England is one of the corner countries. Its main neighbors are France and Germany, but also Russia is an important partner in the early stages. England and Russia are bound to meet in Scandinavia within the first two years.

England is a country that is difficult to defeat. Especially if you manage to build a few additional fleets, next to the two that you already start with. It is extremely hard to defeat an England that has 3-4 fleets. The downside of this is that you might find it difficult as England to get a foothold on the continent. In this sense, England has a somewhat similar situation as Turkey.

The main supply center to conquer for England in 1901 is Norway, you could seize this either with a fleet or an army.

England – France relation

France and England will have to settle straight away in Spring 1901 the situation around the channel. Although there are cases in which France could survive an English fleet on the channel, the other way around is lethal. Hence: do not let a French fleet on the channel. You could either do this by moving to the Channel yourself, or negotiate a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) with France. The reason the Channel is so important is that a French fleet could either move to London, Irish Sea, or North Sea from there, leaving you too exposed. Any good deal with the French will include an agreement on limiting the number of fleets France builds in Brest.

The situation in Belgium between England and France is complicated, as also Germany is involved in this. I will write a separate article on all the options that you have with this.

England – Germany relation

Germany is your other neighbor in the northern triangle. Germany will normally want to seize minimum Holland and Denmark in 1901, this is not something I would oppose as England. My main take on Germany, if I sit in London, is that I want to limit the number of fleets a German player builds. As long as you can manage this, you will be fine. Perhaps a deal with Germany where you help him get into Belgium and he helps you to reach Scandinavia is a possibility.

England – Russia relation

Any Russian player will send his fleet from StP to Sweden in 1901, most likely via the Bothnian Gulf. However, this means that if England takes Norway, you become neighbors within one year. England has quite a nice angle as Norway (difficult to see) directly borders StP North Coast. Any deal with the Russians will usually be at the expense of Germany, which could involve massive gains for England. However, also here (like with Germany and France) you have to ensure that the Russians build no new fleets in StP n.c., as they can only exist to attack you.