The Steamroller

This alliance is one of the more famous ones on the board. It is also referred to as the Juggernaut. The general idea is to create a smooth running cooperation between Russia and Turkey. These two countries can move over the board like a steamroller, crushing anything in its path. The idea is that you move fast enough so other players either do not see it coming, or do not have the time to respond.

The key is the beginning, build the trust, and then keep moving. However, the start can be rocky. I believe most players will be aware that the juggernaut is a severe risk for all five other countries on the board, so do not make it too obvious. To protect yourselves and not raise supsicion, I would still agree on a bounce in BLA in Spring 1901. I realize this is not the fastest option, as you prefer F (Sev) – Rum and F (Ank) – Con, but you will need some credibility to negotiate with other countries.

A very important job for Russia is to get Italy moving towards Austria. Although Italy might be able to conquer a few Austrian supply centers, you will get these back soon enough when the combined Ottoman/Russian forces sweep through the Balkans. At the same time, as Russia, make sure you seal an early deal with France where he is either going after England or Germany. You do not want something like a western triple to gain any serious grounds.

Russia Spring 1901
F (StP) – GoB
A (Mos) – Ukr
F (Sev) – BLA
A (War) – Gal
Turkey Spring 01

F (Ank) – BLA
A (Con) – Bul
A (Smy) – Con
Russia Fall 1901
A (Gal) – Vie (or Bud)
F Sev) – Rum
A (Ukr) s F (Sev) – Rum
F (GoB) – Swe
Turkey Fall 1901

A (Bul) – Gre
A (Con) – Bul
F (Ank) – Con

Assuming Italy has made a move against Austria in Spring 1901. This means minimum Bulgaria and Romania are owned by R/T, and Greece is empty. A better scenario is that you conquered also Budapest/Vienna or Greece. In the north, diplomacy is important to gain a foothold in Sweden. There are quite a few options where the total number of builds is four for Turkey/Russia combined.


The Turkish opening is quite fixed and does not have many variables.

Some might say the northern opening A (Mos) – StP is stronger, as Russia gains an immediate strong position in Scandinavia. I tend to disagree with this. Although the position is stronger, you have to look at the original goal of your strategy; “wrap up the Balkans, and keep moving”. Hence, directing your units south is better. Furthermore, you prefer to stay friends with Germany in 1901, as he will have to allow you into Sweden most of the times. That is also why I would not play A (War) – Sil in Spring 1901. Better to trust your diplomacy than your units in this case. Making sure France is not playing passive and makes a move towards the north (England or Germany) is going to help you here.

The builds in 1901 are not too difficult. I would suggest building a northern fleet in StP, as this is the moment to gain momentum there. Turkey needs a fleet in Smyrna, to make a quick move towards ION, and obviously a Russian Army in Warsaw will help.

Playing your cards well means that Germany will have a certain amount of trust in Russia (also forced by French or British attacks) and Austria in 1901 has confidence that Turkey will help him against Russia and Italy.

There are many other moves in 1901 that could lead to a successful Juggernaut. Please be aware that apart from the exact moves, the overall diplomatic strategy remains quite fixed. An early Italian move against Austria combined with some trouble in the northern triangle give Russia and Turkey the time to get their steamroller going.

Middle game

When Turkey and Russia are moving forward, you are obviously going to reach a position where the countries might get greedy and would want to go for a solo victory. This is especially something Russia is prone to do, as his position is usually stronger. As a Sultan, please be careful, protect yourself, and maybe even settle for a three-way draw (with England or France) instead of the risk of losing everything.