Congratulations, you have made it to sultan! Especially in your first game, this could be a rather good draft. Turkey is cornered, but there are possibilities to break out.

It is important for Turkey to have some patience in the early stages of the game. Apart from Bulgaria, there are no obvious supply centers to gain in the first year, but there are opportunities.

Turkey – Russia relationship

Your most important and most dangerous neighbor is Russia. The Black Sea is your obvious meeting ground. Especially for the Turkish side of the Black Sea, I would strongly recommend not to let the Russian Czar on the Black Sea, as this borders two of you home supply centers.

Additionally, once either Russia or Turkey enters the Black Sea, only two fleets will be able to remove a fleet from this area (as with all regions). However, that would require to build an additional fleet, which is not good for your longer term break-out options as Turkey.

However, there is on option, called the Steamroller, in which you will together with Russia sweep the board from east to west. In this case, you will need to have a great amount of trust in each other in the early years. The Steamroller works fantastic if executed well and is almost unstoppable. Please think about the risks of having a Russian Czar in the Black Sea before you decide to put so much trust in your northern neighbor.

Turkey – Austria relationship

Austria is obviously in need of some supply centers in the Balkan, and will probably look at you as a potential ally against Russia. It is in your interest to spark at least a little bit of conflict in Galicia, as both Russia and Austria will turn to you for help. Although many Turkish players look at the Austrian supply centers as potential gains, I tend to be a bit careful with this. If Austria dies too quickly, mainly Italy and Russia will divide the spoils, hence my earlier comment about having patience as a Sultan. If Austria dies that is okay, but you want your fair share of the cake.

Turkey – Italy relationship

Although many people will forget this, Italy is a key country for Turkey. Long term only one country can dominate the eastern part of the Mediterranean. However, that is not immediately a problem at the start. Most people playing Italy will look east, either to Turkey or to Austria. You can ask Italy to launch a combined attack on Austria, but in some cases you might want to do the opposite to ensure some peace between these two countries. At all cost, you should try and prevent an Italian-Russian alliance, although that will be firstly focused on Austria, it will take them little time to look at their next target, which will be you.